Diet For Yoga

The Ayurvedic approach to eating says that everything we eat has the potential to heal or to harm. The foods we eat have an incredible power in influencing our health and wellbeing.

The yogic approach to eating is based on the understanding that food is much more than the indulgence driven by cravings. Just changing our eating habits to a natural and mindful eating allows us to experience progressively greater balance in our lives.

  • Eat fresh and organic foods. Fresh and unprocessed foods contain more life force, the subtle life force provides energy, vitality and wellbeing.
  • Mittahara is a Sanscrit word for moderation. Eating not too much but also not too little.
  • Allowing for enough space in the stomach to digest food properly.
  • Raw un-cooked foods are best. The availability of nutritional elements such as minerals and vitamins are present in their natural form, including the presence of enzymes that are so important for proper digestion and assimilation of foods.
  • Eat organic sprouts. Sprouts increase energy and vitality, boost the immune system and support healing. Sprouts are nutrient rich dense plant foods, high in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and chlorophyll.



It is important to take time to wash hands before we eat. Sitting while eating in a clean area, creating a pleasant atmosphere, music, flowers so the sense organs can be satisfied. Give thanks to Mother nature for providing the food.

Approach every part of the meal with reverence and love.

Before you begin to eat, feed someone else, animal or another human being. Feed anyone, it can be a plant or a child or your pet.

  • Chew slowly and attentively many times; chew properly to aid digesting. Eating mindfully creates a sense of ritual, providing deeper connection with the food we eat, the Earth offering the food, and a feeling of gratitude for how the food is replenishing us.
  • Avoid eating late in the evening. Consuming large meals before bedtime creates a sluggish digestive system, and increases mucus in the body. Best is to eat main meal during the day and have a lighter meal in the evening. It is suggested to allow at least 2 hours after a meal before exercise or sleeping.
  • Eat foods that are compatible, the foods that complement each other.