Teaching a Class


A high degree of personal integrity is prerequisite for service as a yoga teacher. As yoga teachers, we serve as an example to many students. Our personal conduct reflects upon the whole tradition and lineage of yoga. Professional competence and high degree of integrity can be maintained through daily practice, not only asanas, but also meditation, study of yogic scriptures, lifestyle of healthy habits and sincerity in our daily living.

Students often look to the yoga teacher as a guide and a mentor. It is common for a student to trust a teacher and open up more than in other relationships. This creates a power imbalance between the student and a teacher. It is up to a teacher to see this difference in power, and uphold the integrity of his/her privileged seat of a teacher. Clear boundaries need to be established in our role of serving the community of students.

As a yoga teacher, take time to honor the seat of a teacher. It is a privilege. Pay tribute openly to your teachers and the sources of your skills and knowing. Know that a degree of disapproval is common. Be steadfast in your ethical conduct toward all others. Practice yamas in all circumstances.